Precast concrete foundations for rapid, all weather construction.

The added time and expense of winter construction is not an issue with this system.

The added time and expense of winter construction is not an issue with this system.

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-          Large format panels that crane into place fully finished which means rapid construction (2’ up to 12’ H x 24’ W)

-          All weather construction means winter or wet weather is not a costly factor. Thus saving time and money

-          Optional precast footings and column pads to go over compacted pea gravel

-          Fully finished interior and exterior panels save significant time and reduce on-site trades

-          High thermal efficiency (R29) that exceeds the new building code lowers operational costs

-          Concrete exterior and interior walls with an inner EPS core creates light weight and durable structures

-          No parging or stucco needed with pre-finished exterior

-          Plant finished interior walls include electrical conduit and boxes and walls are paint ready and no drywall is needed

-          Non combustible structure that will not twist, warp, rot or burn

-          Panelized structures control expansion and contraction, therefore eliminating traditional shrinkage cracks

-          The small number of panel joints are permanently sealed using a 5-layer process

-          Each project includes detailed drawings along with engineering stamp

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Once the install crew has finished placing panels and the joints are sealed, the exterior is fully finished. The embedded wood top plate is ready for floor trusses. The interior walls are essentially equivalent to a finished wall that is framed, insulated, roughed in electrical, fire protected, vapor sealed and dry walled.

All in less than one day!

What's in it for you?

More for less

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The key to our innovative approach to foundations is givesa more value for less money. Compared to traditional cast in place or insulated concrete formed basements here's what you get with an Eneray built foundation:

- Factory made; meaning tight quality control in a controlled environment

- Rapid, year round installation without the hassles and added expense to address extended rains or winter close in and heat

- Reduced on-site trades and waste materials


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