Unitized structures craned into place fully finished.

Customized system for cantilevered and simply supported balconies.  

BalconEase delivers a suite of high performance balcony systems to the

multi-family building and construction industry.

Balconies can provide residents with great enjoyment and direct access to fresh air with their own outdoor living space. But conventional balcony systems present architects, builders and building owners with a number of significant challenges. BalconEase Turnkey Balcony System is the complete solution specifically developed to address these challenges.

The BalconEase System is for architects, developers and builders who want an alternative to on-site built wood and vinyl balcony systems. We provide plant built, unitized balconies that are craned into place fully finished. Unlike traditional build in place balconies that require overseeing multiple trades over the entire length of the building project BalconEase save time and money while delivering a much higher quality end product. Our patent pending point load connection detail virtually eliminates thermal transfer and damage to the building envelop. BalconEase will never twist, warp, rot, crack, leak or burn.

The system is fully customizable so architects have near limitless design choices. Traditional balconies have limited finish options. Those systems require vigilant maintenance and have a limited life cycle. BalconEase opens a whole new world of upscale options designed to reduce maintenance, increase aesthetic appeal and increase property value. For example, our standard wear surface is diamond polished, sealed concrete but for a those wanting an upscale upgrade we offer IntegraStone, an individually hand crafted, large format tile with all the opulence and beauty of Italian travertine. IntegraStone is made in Canada specifically to address the ravages of our northern climate without it drawbacks.

This rapid installation system eliminates the many of the costly and time consuming challenges of the multi stage construction process of traditional building methods. Year round installation is a significant benefit for material choice and construction schedules.

BalconEase is all about energy efficiency, ease of construction and long term durability…

at a lower total cost of ownership.

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How do we do it?

‘Modular or unitized construction’ is a term used to describe the use of factory-produced pre-engineered building units that are delivered to site as substantial elements of a building. Plant built means less mess and waste time and material, in a controlled environment where all the trades work together as a focused team. Our drafting department uses 3D software and can accept all types of architectural formats. Our metal fabrication shop is CWB certified. Our coatings department uses a 5 stage metal prep system to ensure long term durability. Our state of the art precast concrete batch plant produces both High Performance Concrete and Ultra High Performance Concrete.

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